Reaping & Sowing.

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Carl DaCosta is an expert in business & finances. He has been an entrepreneur most of his life, successfully starting up new business BeFunky_IMG_059222.jpgas well as  managing. Don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of learning from the expert.

     ”Just about all financial experts, not only in the U.S. but abroad, are encouraging us to get out of debt and get out “immediately!” This is the passion that drove me to say yes. You can not miss this opportunity. This is for you!”

Bring this information to your Church or Synagogue, you will be thankful you did.

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db_Logodb Mentors and its affiliates have been instrumental in showing business and people how to grow their business and their personal financial life through simple steps. Due to the undertaking and expense of these teachings, this has been  a privilege mostly afforded by the few.

It was our passion to find a way and make this available to as many as possible, to individually help and show the same successful steps that up to now mostly businesses have experienced. We believe that every person who makes a decision to better their personal life financially becomes a “2%-ter”.

• Does your family need Extra Income?
• Do you have a desire to Lower your Debts or become debt free?

It is our passion to show you successful ways to totally change your life.
At our meeting you will have your personal and private workout package and be able to start implementing our teachings that very moment.
Go to our calendar or contact your local church to register today.